Dudley (incl Stourbridge & Halesowen)

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Want cash for your items? Freecycle.org is not the place........

Unfortunately we have had a few incidents lately where money is being asked for items on the Dudley group and messages have been posted mentioning money. This breaks one of the main rules of Freecycle.org.

We know this will only apply to a handful of members as most of you are already aware of this rule thankfully......

Please can all members be reminded that one of the fundamental rules of Freecycle.org is that everything must be given for free - no money should ever change hands, not even for petrol/postage.

Freecycle.org's sole purpose is to ensure items don't go to Landfill when they can be used by someone else potentially, it is not about making money for your items (there are other good sites for this if that is what you need to do).

If you are ever in any doubt of the rules - Click the "group info" tab, hover over the "group info" tab and select "files".

Alternatively contact the Moderators by clicking the "my groups" tab and selecting "contact the Mod Team" for the group.

Please can all members be aware of this rule when posting messages and replying to members in future? We are aware most of you already follow this rule and we appreciate that but we need to ensure that everyone is aware.

If you are ever asked for money for an item you have asked for, please contact the Moderators immediately and we will look into it for you.

Kind regards, The Moderation Team

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