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St. Paul (Ramsey County)

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To all members re: server issues

We are experiencing 2 minor but annoying issues:

1: When you log in to myfreecyle sometimes (always for me) it rejects your login attempt and says either your password or login is incorrect. Soluion: Just submit it again and it will let you log in.

2: Automatic switching you to digest or no e-mails. Usually this is caused by your e-mail provider bouncing or marking freecyle messages as spam. It is a feature of our server to switch you and begin baking off message deliveries to prevent our messages from overwhelming a wonky server.

Usually we recommend setting up an account with Gmail, but even Gmail users are being affected. We have also noticed that Comcast users are especially being effected. Our server guys are looking into the issue and hope to have a solution soon. 2 things you can do that might help include "whitelisting" in your e-mail program and complaining to your provider that your e-mails are being bounced by their servers.

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