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*DO post offers for all the good stuff you don't need anymore... furniture, appliances, toys, clothes, lawnmowers, car parts, etc. If it's still good, then someone probably could use it.

*DO NOT post "generic" taken messages, such as Taken: all the stuff I posted. PLEASE include the item names in your Taken message or it will be rejected and you will be asked to submit another.

*Please DO NOT write an entire message in capital letters. That is considered screaming in Internet etiquette and it is very hard on most people's eyes. If you use all caps because of medical conditions, please let us know and we will work with you on it. Posts written in all caps will either be edited by a moderator or returned to you for editing.

*DO NOT post your phone number or address directly to the group! Such information WILL BE edited out of messages and the message will be deleted from the archives. Give this info ONLY to the person willing to come pick up your item. Meet in a public place if you want or need to.

*DO NOT submit free-for-all posts (such as "It's on the porch, whoever gets here first can have it.') Posting in that manner encourages hundreds of people to head that direction, and 99% of those people will walk away disappointed and empty-handed, after having expended a great deal of time and gasoline for nothing. Please pick out a few items, post them and set up a specific time for folks to pick the items up. That approach may seem like more work but if people are making unneeded trips for nothing it will sour them towards you and towards Freecycle in general and that's not good for anyone. Ultimately, these posts will be edited by a moderator or returned to you for editing.

The basic mission of Freecycle is to keep items out of landfills. A corollary of that is *environmentalism* which is best served by not having folks driving around wasting fossil fuels unnecessarily for items that will be gone when they get there anyway.

*NO requests for money EVER!

*NO requests for Frequent Flyer miles, phone cards or special events tickets such as ball games or concerts. We are sorry and wish we could help but Freecycle is just not the place for things like that. If anyone has something like that to share they will post an offer.

*NO requests for Sunday paper type of coupons - there are other groups and web sites just for that.

*NO requests for G-mail accounts or similar non-tangibles.

*DO NOT offer prescription drugs. It is illegal to transfer a prescription to another person, not to mention unsafe.

*DO NOT offer or request opened and/or partially used cosmetics or personal care products, as there could be sanitation issues with those products. Offers of unopened/unused cosmetics and personal care products are welcome though.

*DO Remove your post and mark it as taken when the item is gone.

*NO advertising your garage sale unless it is to offer what is left over AFTER THE SALE DAY.

DO NOT post your address to the group, just the general area and what time to show up. Folks close enough to come by can email you for the exact address.

*Members have the right to inquire as to the intended use of any item they offer.


*NO TRADING!!!! Bartering has its own set of laws and regulations and such transactions are taxable and reportable to the government. Freecycle is simply not set up for that sort of activity. However, there are webs sites and groups for trading/bartering out there to be found if that interests you.

*Do NOT contact folks in response to a want they posted and offer to sell them something! If you are not willing to give it for free at this time, please don't bring it up. Repeat offenses on this rule will get you banned and reported statewide.

*DO NOT request money for your offers either. Freecycle means FREE, folks!!


*Gifting does NOT have to be 1st responded, 1st served!! It's been suggested that the first person to reply to your offer may not always be the best person to take your item, so consider the people who can't stick by their computer all day. To simply choose the first responder every time stops MANY deserving people from ever having an opportunity of participate. Many groups ask their members to wait 24 hours before deciding who will receive their item. This cannot really be enforced but sometimes it would be helpful to those that don't have as much computer access so please consider it if your circumstances allow. The ultimate decision is up to the person giving the item and to choose the recipient as they see fit.

*If you have responded to an offer this is no guarantee the item is yours until you hear from the offerer and they tell you it is! Give your personal information (privately, not on the list) to one potential gifter / recipient at a time, and ask for their phone number in return.

*Once you are set to give or receive an item, make arrangements as you like but please practice common courtesy in accommodating people's schedules.

*Arrange pickup with only one person at a time. Often it is possible to gift an item without having to rearrange your schedule by simply leaving the item in a designated location, such as the porch or along side the garage. Share this info only with the receiver, not with the entire group.

*DO NOT promise your items to one person and then give them to another! Again, please treat others the way you would wish to be treated.

*DO NOT take more than you were promised! If someone agrees to leave an item on the porch for you, don't rudely take advantage and swipe the things left for others!!

*Mailing a small item is perfectly fine if both parties involved agree to it, someone is willing to pay the postage AND the item still remains FREE. If you promise someone you will repay them for the postage, be a good citizen and make sure you do just that.

*Check the archived messages frequently and see what wants you can fulfill. Maybe you forgot all about that old purple doo-hickey sitting out there in the garage but somebody needs it, so give it away already! Consider gifting to a person with an existing request rather than posting to the group. Keep in mind and don't worry about) that the archives will contain more Wants than Offers,as the completed transactions would have been deleted already.

Thank you all for being here and being a part of this movement. The generosity and kindness we have seen since getting involved with Freecycle is quite amazing... and we are proud to be a part of it. Keep up the good work!


Your Redding Freecycle Moderators

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Please reread often just to refresh your memory!

Thank you!


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