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The Freecycle® concept has taken the world by storm. There are now 5,290 Freecycle groups, with a combined membership of 9,109,325.

This group is dedicated to reducing landfill by giving unwanted items to others rather than throwing them away. In doing so we may also be helping someone in need.

Freecycle...changing the world, one gift at a time!

Freecycle Brisbane serves the Brisbane metropolitan area, i.e the area covered by the Brisbane City Council. We are no longer accepting members from surrounding areas covered by other Freecycle groups. If you do not live in Brisbane, please check to find your nearest group.

Our Pending Membership Survey will be sent to you when you apply to join. Please read the group's Rules and Ettiquette requirements carefully, and return the survey to us so we can process your application as soon as possible.

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