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! ADMIN Reminder: Requesting Money, No-Shows, and Theft

Good afternoon Members,

We've been having some complaints, so just a quick reminder to you all about inappropriate behavior when Freecycling:

REQUESTING MONEY: Requesting money in any form, whether as payment, donation, or fee for services, is strictly prohibited on If you want to sell something, we suggest going to Craigslist or another site of this kind.

NO-SHOWS: We understand that people's schedules are busy and that we can't always make it right when we said we would. Things happen, so we can forgive the occasional no-show, but please be considerate of your fellow Freecyclers and make sure to show up on time as often as possible. If you just can't make it, please send a message as soon as possible so that the other person can adjust their schedule or re-post the item.

TAKING ITEMS THAT WERE NOT OFFERED TO YOU: Taking an item from a person's house that was not offered to you is theft, even if that item if being given away for free to another member. Only take the item(s) that were specifically offered to you; otherwise, you could find yourself having a difficult conversation with a police officer. Furthermore, do not post offers for items that do not belong to you, even if the items appear to be abandoned; you may be inciting your fellow Freecyclers to unknowingly commit theft.

Any of the above can be cause for removal from If you discover someone doing any of the above, please email us so that we can keep track of what is going on and take appropriate action.

Thank you and happy Freecycling,

Your Alexandria Moderation Team

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