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Managing Freecycle Posts and Communication

Good afternoon Freecyclers!

We would just like to extend a few friendly reminders to everyone that will help Alexandria remain the positive community we want it to be:

1) Manage your posts - When someone picks up the item from your OFFER post, please be sure to mark the item as TAKEN. This will help reduce the number of emails you receive about it and will save other members the time of asking about it. Same goes for marking WANTED items as RECEIVED once you have found what you want.

2) It is good practice to send a short email to someone once they ask about an item. Just let them know if the item is still available, if there are others ahead of them, or if the item has been taken. It can be short and sweet, but it makes a big difference to the other members of our community.

Thanks for keeping these tips in mind, and happy Freecycling!

Your Alexandria Moderation Team

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