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Freecycle Etiquette Reminder

Good afternoon everyone!

And Happy New Year! The moderators of Alexandria would just like to kick off 2019 with a quick reminder about some of the basic expected member conduct on Alexandria Here is a partial list of common rules Freecyclers may not be aware of:

- All items must be FREE. No charges or fees for any item. - No offering or requesting vitamins, medicines, or prescription items of any kind. No offering or requesting of animals, regardless of the purpose. - Arrange a time and place for the member you are giving/getting an item to/from, and reserve the item for that member unless they change their mind. No curb alerts. - Always show up when you say you are going to or let the other member know you won't be able to make it. - Only one WANTED post every 7 days. Only one requested item per post. - WANTED posts should appear on the Alexandria site only. We do not accept WANTED posts that show up on other sites.

The last two may seem arbitrary, but Alexandria has had problems in the past with excessive numbers of WANTED posts, both from members attempting to use in unintended ways and from individuals in other areas.

If you discover any members violating these codes of conduct, please let the moderators know. We will usually forgive one breach of etiquette, but we do keep track in case a member engages in the same behavior repeatedly and will take appropriate action.

If you have any questions about Alexandria, please feel free to contact us at

Take care, and happy Freecycling,

Your Alexandria Moderation Team

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