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Curb alerts and come and get it posts

Dear Arlington Freecycle Members,

Thank you for being a part of our incredible Freecycle(TM) group.

Lately, we've been having a lot of members attempting to offer items that have been left out at the curb, with their address attached. This is just to let you all know that any "curb alerts," "spotted" and similar posts are strictly prohibited on Arlington Freecycle(TM).

The ban on curb alerts extends to those offering their own items using "first-come-first-served" "at curb," or other similar posts for offering their own items. By posting items in this manner, it is possible several people will try to claim the item(s), often arriving when it's gone. This can make you appear flaky and unreliable (as well as contribute to increased pollution and traffic congestion). In addition, there have been reports in other Freecycle(TM) groups of people fighting over items when they arrive at the same time.

In the spirit of our grassroots community, have respect for your fellow Freecycle(TM) members and limit offers to a one-on-one basis. If you can hold onto your item for a day or two, then post it to the group and pick a recipient. However, if it needs to go NOW, then you may want to consider dropping it off at a charity donation center.

So please take the above into consideration before posting items to the group. Any posts deemed a "curb alert" will be subject to editing, deleting, or rejection at the discretion of the moderators. These types of offers are not permitted because they don't reflect the grassroots movement for which The Freecycle Network(TM) stands. If you're an unmoderated member and you post these, you risk being put back on moderation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Your Arlington Moderation Team

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