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The End of 2020 is around the Corner

The End of 2020 is around the Corner and am not really sad to see it ending. All this sitting at home has had me coming up with things to fill my time. That hasn't been hard at all though. One of the things I've been doing is cleaning up around the place. Making lists of things to do that have been needing doing, a "Honey do list". It's the only way I can keep my mind on them long enough to remember to do them, lol. There have been a couple of posts lately that may take a couple of things out of my pile of discards, if not I'll be listing them soon. Usually people wait till spring to start cleaning out things but you might want to look around now and start making posts to clear out things before the holidays really start up. Whether or not you'll have a little family around you to clean up for or if you'll just clean up to have something to do it's still something that usually needs to be done. I know even four years after the passing of my husband I still have things around the place I just don't need and I certainly don't want to go to the land fill and it's just taking up space. I guess this is my end of year resolution. I do hope the end of this year is seeing all of you well. It has certainly been an interesting year for us all. Remember life is change and whatever is to come we will weather it and get on with our lives. Best wishes to all for the coming year and holidays, Happy FreeCycle-ing to you all, Vi Moderator Bisbee - Sierra Vista Free Cycle AZ

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