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Hello everyone, Just a quick note to say I am having a little problem with settings. I put the group on a non-moderated status. All messages should go through but they are not. Also I am not being notified of any pending activity. I'm a little busy tomorrow but starting the day after I will do my best to get to the bottom of the problem. All of you should know I am the only moderator at this time. If any of you have time and are computer savvy and you would like to lend a hand let me know. Otherwise you will have to continue to have me tending the group. I was not for the switch over to this way of doing things but what is done is done and I will do my inept best for you. Who would have thought at one time I was computer literate before the internet was born, lol. Most of you have my email address from when we were in Yahoo so feel free to contact me if you post a message and don't see it right away. My apologies to the member who's message just posted and who's message was in the queue for nine days. I didn't realize it had been that long since I checked in. Busy with the holiday and cooking a dinner for ten, cleaning house and so forth. Family comes first. So once again my apologies and I'll look into the problem this week. Hope all of you had a Thanksgiving full of family. Vi

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