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Group status update

Hi everybody, Hope all is well with everyone. The activity in the group has increased slightly, nothing more then I can handle but sometimes there will be some delay. I am the only moderator in the group. If anyone is interested in being a moderator please let me know. If I continue to be the only moderator sometimes there may be a delay with messages posting. I have the group settings set to no moderation so messages go directly through. If this is abused appropriate action will be taken. This could be a warning, moderation or even group deletion if it is serious enough. I'm not a reactionary but I do what I feel needs to be done so far only one person has needed, not a warning, but a reminder of the rules. I am somewhat preoccupied with my own life and I don't see that changing anytime in the future. The person who I had hoped was taking over the group was summarily deleted by someone higher up. I don't really know who, National I suppose. At this time in my life due to my husbands illness I don't think I'm the best person to be in charge of the moderation. I certainly don't know all the group ins and outs. But as long as I'm the only moderator I'll do the best I can. I often forget to check in for a day or two or more. Sorry about that. Occasionally I face a new challenge with my husband that floors me for a time and it takes me a few days to rally. Again if no one offers to moderate with me then when I go off the skids like that the group will have to wait for me to get myself together again enough to remember my other responsibilities. I still haven't figured out why some members are still moderated when the group is not on moderation. Eventually I'll figure it out. At this point with the level of activity I can't see that it will be much trouble though. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to moderate. Everybody else please re-read the rules at least once a year or when you post something different to make sure it is acceptable. You all stay out of the heat now, drink water and if your out for long ware a hat. Remember we live in the DESERT! Take care now, Virginia Moderator

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