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There has been no change in the number of moderators to the group. It's still just me. I havn't been to good at it for various reasons. I just don't have the heart for much since my husband passed. I just realized today it has been at least a week since I checked in and found a posting that has waited 8 days for me to approve it. My apologizes. I've had to get a job so I have very little time and am exhausted by the weekends. Once again I'm asking is there anyone else that would like to moderate this group? I will try to look up the two posts that needed approval and try to figure out why since the group is not on moderation at this time. No one is causing problems and if someone forgets a rule they are quick to understand and not do it again. I should have been in bed an hour ago but I'll try to do that first. If anyone would like to help moderate email me and I'll check my emails when I get home tomorrow around six. I leave to early to do it sooner. Thank you. Vi Lead moderator Bisbee-Sierra Vista AZ FreeCycle

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