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How To Get The Best Out Of Freecycle **DO NOT REPLY TO ADMIN EMAILS**

* Be polite. Sounds simple because it is. Sometimes the only thing that makes someone choose who to make an offer of an item to is as simple as who is polite in their post or in a reply to a post.

* Join more than one group. Most members of Freecycle are members of more than one group. Other local groups include Leeds, Guiseley, Calderdale, Huddersfield & Wakefield. If you are a member of different groups remember that each group can have different rules based upon the needs of that group., some groups allow phone numbers in posts etc. Do not assume that an identical post would be accepted by each group.

* Be realistic & flexible. If the item you request is too specific you are more than likely to have your request go unanswered. For example if you request a TV and state you want a 60" Plasma with Dalby sound that is something so new & expensive chances are nobody will make an offer. If however you request a large screen TV plenty of people are replacing large CRT or rear projection TVs so you may end up being offered something.

*Be honest in your offer posts. If the item you are offering has some damage but is still serviceable or repairable say so. If it is damaged beyond repair please do not use Freecycle as a way to get rid of rubbish there are many services and organisations that will happily take items for recycling.

* Don't make demands. Remember for you to receive an item someone has to choose to donate it and if you make unreasonable demands they will choose not to. For example if you have no transport asking if people can deliver rather than, as some people have recently, saying in your wanted post that people must be able to deliver. Again remember for you to receive someone has to donate and how you ask could be the difference between them offering to bring it to you or choosing to give it to someone else or the tip.

* Turn up. Another that is as simple as it sounds if you arrange to collect an item do so. For example if you arrange to collect an item at 5pm and you do not let the person you are collecting from that you may be late and you turn up at 6 they may have contacted someone else and offered the item to them instead because you did not turn up as arranged.

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