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*** THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO ALL POSTS *** ** YOU MUST LIVE IN THE AREA SERVED BY THIS GROUP AND YOU MUST NOT USE MULTIPLE HOME LOCATIONS WHEN POSTING TO DIFFERENT GROUPS, If you are outside the area served by this group your posts will not be accepted and you will be removed as a member of the group. ** Be polite in your posts, Remember if you submit a wanted post someone has to choose to offer you the item & this will not happen if you are rude or impolite. ** ALL POSTS MUST BE FREE OF CHARGE, CONDITIONS OR STRINGS. KEEP IT LEGAL, ALL ITEMS MUST BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES, This means we can not accept posts for items that would be subject to an age restriction when sold in a shop. ** Use a MEANINGFUL home location in your posts. Your stated location must allow our members to decide if they are able to travel to you if needed. For this reason locations like Bradford or Leeds etc will be rejected.

*** THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO WANTED POSTS *** ** NO - Animals, Vehicles of any form (This includes towed vehicles), Fish tanks, Property or Computers/Electronic equipment or kitchen white goods . This includes satnav systems, mobile phones & high value electrical items. Remember Freecycle is about saving items from landfill not just another free ad website. ** NO emotionally charged terminology such as desperate, urgent, needed, ASAP etc. or explanations why you are requesting. This type of terminology generates a large amount of complaints and is more likely to stop people making an offer of items. Simple polite requests are the best way to have a successful request. ** No EXCESSIVE requests, All posts that request excessive quantities or high value items will not be allowed. ** You are allowed ONE wanted post per week for ONE SPECIFIC item, either/or & either/and posts are not allowed. If you submit a wanted post before 7 full days has expired or submit multiple posts since your last wanted post the posts will not be allowed. ** No repeat requesting of the same or similar items within 1 month & no constantly asking for the same item.

*** THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO OFFER POSTS *** ** NO - Animals, Vehicles, Property. Offer posts for computer & electronic equipment are allowed.

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