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Important Notice

Dear Freecycle Users, The message sent yesterday regarding curbside pickup posts has been changed: Members of the Doylestown group are not permitted to post curbside pickup posts, and members who violate this rule frequently will be noted and may be put on a watch list. As long as members don't break this rule constantly, they will not get into trouble. However, frequent violators of this rule will not have any consequences as long as they don't argue with moderators about their curb pickup posts or avoid taking responsibility for their mistake(s). There is ONE exception to this rule, however: If a member posts a curbside pickup and says specifically in the post description that the item is covered by a tarp or hidden from passer bys to prevent non-Freecycle members from taking the item, then the post will be approved and the member who posted it will not get in trouble. Thank You for Understanding. Your cooperation is appreciated and please remember to not create a porch pickup post that encourages people to get to your house the fastest to prevent someone else from taking it, only porch pickups that require interested members to reply to the post first are permissible. -Mod Team

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