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reseller guildlines

Reseller Guidelines At a minimum it is required that resellers announce their intention to do so.

This means, for example, when responding to an Offer or directly in a Wanted posting. This applies to all groups and is required as a basic minimum of all groups. In addition, some groups may choose to not allow reselling at all; This extended guideline --much like some groups choose not to allow pet postings-- is up to the local group to establish or not. If not stated in the local group guidelines, the minimum requirement noted here may be referenced.

Required minimum guideline (Reseller must note intent): Resellers must announce their intent to resell an item in responses to Offers and directly in Wanted postings.

Alternative wording, minimum guideline (reseller must note intent): If you are an EBay seller, thrift store owner, or a reseller of any kind, FULL DISCLOSURE OF YOUR INTENTION TO SELL ITEMS RECEIVED FROM FREECYCLE MEMBERS IS REQUIRED UP FRONT. You MUST disclose your intent to sell either in your original Wanted post or when responding so the gifter can make an informed decision with all the details and facts. Members have the right to inquire as to the intended use of any item they offer.

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