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If you're not getting My Freecycle email, Try This

How to Get Freecycle messages to go to your Inbox

We have had members who have not received email messages. This may be due to emails accidentally being sent to your SPAM boxes or being bounced back to the Freecycle site. See if this is helpful.

If you have a Yahoo email address (or a sister account such as sbcglobal or att), please follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Yahoo email account.

2. Click on ... Options ... (right side of page), then click on Mail Options

3. On the left side of the page, click on ... Filters ....

4. Then click on ... Create or Edit Filters ...

5. Click on ... Add ...

6. In the ... Filter Name field, name the filter as you would like, example ... Freecycle or some other name ....

7. In the ... Receipient ... field, type ... ...

8. Then in the Move the message to field, click on the Inbox folder. If you wish to have these messages go to a different folder, that is fine too if that makes it easier for you to organize these messages.

9. Then click ... Save Changes ...

10. Then click on ... Mail ... at the top of the page. This will take you back to your mailbox.

This completes the changes for Yahoo mail.

If you have Gmail, you must click on one of the Freecycle messages in you SPAM box and mark it as Not Spam. From that point forward all messages will be delivered to your inbox.

This completes the changes for Gmail.

All other mail clients can add all the addresses below to your Address book, making sure to put the asterisk ( * ) at the beginning ... the asterisk is very important.

1. *

2. *



NOTE: also make sure you never read a post in the spam folder and then delete it from the spam folder because the Spam Filter then learns that you want it to put all Freecycle post in the spam folder....

always click on the This is NOT spam button and send it back to the InBox, then read it and then delete it from the InBox ......

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