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Email and Un-Subscribe

Please note that for any user of freecycle the only method of contacting another member is by using the email that is registered in the system. If you are unable to reply back to someones email then we also will not be able to contact them. We don’t have any special powers! :-)

We also receive occasional requests from users to unsubscribe from freecycle but it’s not clear if you mean to stop getting emails emails per item posted, or the daily digest, or to leave the group completely. In any case this is something that you as a member of freecycle control and can change at any time. From the freecycle website, top right hand corner is a menu for “My Groups”. Selecting that will show you ALL the groups you have joined. Click on the option next to the group called “Change Settings”. This will give you a couple of options for Email Preference : “None apart from ADMINs” – messages like this one only. “One for each Post” – you will receive a message for every time someone makes a post to the group. “Email digest” – a group of posts together in a single email. This could be once per day or when there are around 20 new posts made.

You also have the option to “Leave this group” – which will do the obvious and remove you from the group.

As moderators – we will not be changing your settings. You have all the access you require to change whatever you wish at any time.

Regards, David (Moderator).

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