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Please be aware of scams

Good morning,

In the light of what is happening on several Freecycle Groups around the world, we thought it appropriate to send a reminder message to you regarding courier scams.

There have been a number of incidents where a person either offers a seemingly very attractive item, or responds to a Wanted post offering the item being requested. However when contact is made to arrange for collection, they offer to get a courier to deliver it to you (a variety of reason are given for this, including that they have recently moved too far away for you to collect the item). They even sometimes say that the courier is a “Freecycle recommended” or “Approved” one. Once the money has been transferred the Offerer disappears.

If anybody makes such a request or offers such a service, please advise the moderators using the “Contact Moderators” link on the Group Home Page and send us copies of any emails that you have received. We will request our Spam Control team to take any necessary action against the offending member.

Please be aware Freecycle® does not recommend or approve any courier, and what is more it is expressly against the rules of Freecycle to request payment for any item offered or requested on Freecycle. So please never agree to send money for a courier to deliver an item that is changing hands via Freecycle. If you must arrange delivery, please make those arrangements yourself.

Thanks you for being part of the Freecycle movement – together we are making a difference!


Frome Freecycle

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