Coronavirus Information


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Dear Valued Member,

Firstly thank you for being part of Glasgow Freecycle. Up until now we tried to keep the group running all the way through the pandemic, limiting to essential items only. However, due to the UK Wide Lockdown and the additional measures in Scotland, we regrettably will have to close the group temporarily until the situation improves and some of the strictest measures are lifted.

You will still be able to post in the group but no posts will be released until we reopen, so it may be better to wait until then.

We feel very strongly that while we strive to prevent items going to a landfill, it is also important to do our best to help stop the infection by limiting travel and contact and save lives.

We will send another message when we reopen, so no need to contact us in the meantime.

Stay safe and we will see you again, hopefully soon!

Kind Regards, Freecycle Glasgow Moderator Team

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