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Hello Everyone!

Thought it might come handy to write something about some special cases that may occur:

1. Services:’s sole purpose is to keep usable items out of the landfills and services/ surveys/ petitions don't fall into that category. If we start to allow service posts, however good or useful the cause/request may be, it opens the door for more and more people to make them and deters from the actual goal of limiting our human impact on the environment.

2. Trading/ Commerce/ Reselling: is NOT a platform for trading, selling, bartering, swapping, or any of the likes. Wanting or sourcing offered items for personal financial gain or business is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If a posting fullfills's prime objective of saving things from going into landfill, reselling may be acceptable if:

- The person offering wants to give away something for scrap and doesn’t mind someone selling it on. - The person wanting scrap material STATES CLEARLY the intention to sell it on to be reused/ recycled. Selling scrap metal requires a license in the UK. - The person wanting goods for charity provides the contact details and charity registration number to confirm it.

However it may irritate some members if repeated too often.

3. Expensive consumer electronic gadgets: some freecycle groups won’t approve any wanted posts for laptops, iPads or anything else with an apple on it, xboxes and the likes, because chances are low that someone actually gives anything expensive like this away. Maybe ask for something less specific. Repeating the wanted postings too often may irritate some members.

4. Animals: Animals are living beings and therefore NOT TO BE OFFERED like goods. There are too many people who abuse animals for breeding and worse.

- Wanted posts for animals are NOT ALLOWED on Hackney freecycle. There are animal shelters like Battersea with many lovely pets that are looking for a new home. If you are looking for a pet, please try an animal shelter. This will also prevent you to buy from a ruthless puppy farm.

- Offer posts for pets may be approved if the poster is genuine and the animal is from a good and caring home. Animals, especially if they have a history of abuse, can be dangerous. If you want to welcome a pet in your home, please have a look at the house, meet the mother, check the papers [jabs] etc, to make sure it is alright.

Every post will be read individually and decided upon if they will be approved.

5. Crossposting: The Hackney group’s mission is to keep unwanted but still useable tangible goods out of landfill and to build a sustainable community exchanging those goods in the Hackney area. Please post in your home location only and avoid cross posted all over greater London.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards, td Thank you for reading and Happy exchange of free goodies!

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