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Guidelines Review for all Hempstead Members 7/2016

Hello fellow members of HEMPSTEAD!

As you may have been aware, our Hempstead group of had been relatively unmoderated for quite some time, but now there are 2 moderators and we would like to introduce ourselves - Kristen & John. We are here to help, answer questions, and make sure everyone can have a great experience on The Freecycle Network.

We would also like to review the of our group just so everyone is aware and on the same page:

1. Please keep it FREE and legal. This is the main rule to live by and it's a pretty easy one at that. This means no pornography, alcohol, tobacco, drugs (this includes over the counter, vitamins, etc.), firearms or other weapons. Two strikes and you're out of the group.

2. Please no coupons - there are other sites for coupon exchanges and coupons tend to just clutter up the site.

3. Please no live pets / animals - there are other organizations that can find a loving home for your pet. Pet food, accessories and supplies are all fine however!

4. There is to be no exchange of money, or offers to trade or borrow an item. All items must be given wholly and freely. Resellers are required to announce their intent to resell an item when responding to OFFER posts, and directly in WANTED posts.

5. Please limit your WANTED posts to one per week. Please also keep it reasonable - we would all love a free car, but in reality it is doubtful that someone is just going to give you one. Moderators reserve the right to delete excessive or inappropriate WANTED posts.

6. All OFFER posts need to include your location. If you are uncomfortable with posting your town, please at least post your vicinity. Locations that merely say "Nassau County" are frustrating to our members as Nassau County is a large place and if you live in Hewlett, Glen Cove can feel like the opposite end of the universe! Knowing the location of an item will give a member an option of responding to an offer or not, saving them – and you – time and hassle.

7. Generally, posts should be for ONE item only. If you have multiple items to give away, please create a single post for each item. Bulk listings for multiple items create confusion and frustration for our members.

Exceptions to the “one item per post” rule would include an offer giving away similarly sized clothing, or a “set” of similar items. For example, “Bag of boys clothing, size 2T”, or “Garden furniture set”, or “Kitchen table and chairs”

8. Posts for “curb alerts” are not permitted. An OFFER for an item at or near the curb creates unnecessary trips and frustration for our members. This includes garage sale leftovers – please feel free to post them as individual items, but not as a mass lot in your driveway to come pick through.

9. Include as much descriptive information in OFFER posts as you can. Manufacturer / model numbers, measurements, sizes, and even pictures are all particularly helpful to members when responding to offers.

10. Practice good “housekeeping”. Please remember to remove OFFER posts for items that have been picked up, or remove WANTED posts after you’ve received an item.

11. Please be nice to one another. Use please and thank you. If you are responding to an offer, show up when you say you will and if you can't make it, please let the person know you can't come. Common courtesy goes a long way, and could mean the difference between, say, being offered an item or being passed up for the next member.

The most frequent complaints we get from members are that people aren't being nice! Follow the Golden Rule and behave towards others as you would want people to behave towards you.

We are here if you need us!!

Enjoy your experience! Kristen & John Moderators, the Hempstead group of

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