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How to make and manage posts on Freecycle.

How to make and manage posts on Freecycle.

Click on "Make a new Post". This option can be found by clicking the tab "My Posts" or "All Items".

Please don't use all capitals.

Where possible, try to put one item (or group of items that need to go together) in a single post. If you offer multiple items and some are collected and some are not, marking only some of the items as Taken is difficult.

Choose OFFER or WANTED in the drop down menu.

Choose the Freecycle site that you are posting to. (it might be that you are only a member of one site, in which case, you can only post to that one freecycle site)

Description (title) of what you are offering/wanting.

Location could be a road name, near a land mark, near a shop or a post code. The location of the item may be a deciding factor for some people when considering replying.

More details - a description of the item. Perhaps measurements or dimensions. Mentioning a colour or the number of components involved in the item. Perhaps mention is you can help load the item. Best not publish addresses or phone numbers. Contact details can be exchanged privately.

After the item has been Received or Taken, the post status can be changed by clicking "My Posts" and changing the status of that post. When the post status has been changed from OFFER to Taken, the post is removed from the site. It is best to update the status of the post after the item has been collected/received. A person may say that they will collect but not arrive.

Sometimes a post might not appear on the site as soon as it has been submitted for posting. If this happens, please be patient. The post might take a few hours to be processed.

Please remember. Freecycle aims to provide a community service for people offering items which are surplus to requirements and good enough to be of use to good for land fill. The items are recycled to someone who can make use of the items.

Freecycle promotes the concept of items being given away, implying that all items are free. It is not permitted to ask to "borrow" or offer to "lend".

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