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Inverness and the Highland Region

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Local Rules & Policies

Inverness Freecycle

LOCAL RULES & POLICIES ----------------------------------

***************************************************************************************** These rules/policies are in addition to those in force with The Freecycle Network (R), (hereafter referred to as 'TFN') *****************************************************************************************

1. Inverness Freecycle fully endorses the 'Fair Offer Policy' as defined by 'TFN' i.e. Members should "take a period of time to see what responses they get before deciding who to give item(s) to". Our view is that a reasonable period of time under normal circumstances is 24 hours. This gives members on Daily Digest, or those who don't have continual access to the Internet a fair chance to reply. There will obviously be times when people need to dispose of an item(s) quickly but, this should be an exception rather than the rule. Where we feel that any member consistently ignores this policy, then a polite reminder will be issued and in extreme circumstances, the 'two strikes' policy will be initiated. Where any member feels that another member is in regular breach of this policy then full details (who, what, when etc,) should be forwarded to the moderators for investigation.

2. 'TFN' advocates a 'two strikes and you're out' policy i.e. any member who commits a serious breach of the rules/policies will be issued with a 'strike'. Inverness Freecycle fully supports this policy. Upon the issue of a second 'strike' offending members will be removed from the group.

3. Inverness Freecycle does not tolerate 'No Show' offenders i.e. Members who have arranged to collect a gifted item & then fail to keep the appointment and offer no reasonable explanation or, having been gifted an item, fail to contact the donor within a reasonable time (48 hours). This is considered to be a serious breach of rules/policies & the 'two strikes' policy. applies.

Members who feel that they have been a victim of a 'No Show' should forward all relevant information (emails etc) to the Moderators for consideration.

4. The reselling of gifted items is allowed on Inverness Freecycle but is subject to the following policy. Members MUST state when asking for an item (either in a WANTED post or responding to an OFFER) if they intend to resell or in some other way, profit financially from the gifting of an item. Failure to comply with this policy will be considered a serious breach and subject to the 'two strikes' rule. If any member feels that this policy has been breached then full details should be forwarded to the moderators for investigation. *** NOTE *** Substantive proof/evidence is required to support a complaint of this nature, we cannot take action based on a suspicion or 'gut feeling'.

A final word - let's remember why we are all here; We are participating in a community forum, gifting items to deserving members and saving the planet, one gift at a time. Participating members are our neighbours and by their very nature, they are caring and generous people who deserve to be treated with courtesy, respect and above all, good manners. Responding to an OFFERED item with "I want this" or telling someone who has posted a WANTED that they should "get a job and earn the money to buy one" will not endear you to the community so, don't do it! (and yes, it does happen).


Whilst they may appear officious and austere, the above rules and policies have been formulated based on communicated complaints/opinions of our existing membership.We believe that they form the framework to a healthy & thriving community group.

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