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Reminder About No Shows

No shows are a problem throughout the worldwide Freecycle Network. Sadly, there are people who pounce on every item that looks remotely valuable and immediately send a quick "I'll take it" just to get dibs on being first.

They don't wait to decide if they actually want the item or not so they just hit 'send' as fast as they can. They'll even arrange a pickup time -- and then, if they decide they don't want it, they simply don't show up.

When you post an offer, you're free to select a recipient by any means you like, as described in the rules. However, if you want to avoid being stood up, we strongly recommend *not* giving your item to the first person who responds.

Instead, take some time out and evaluate your responses for at least a few hours, if not for a whole day. Choose your recipient based on a polite response as opposed to being first to answer.

A courteous response speaks volumes about the recipient! Maybe someone took the time to name the item and gave a reason why they want it. The person who takes the time out to reply and be polite is someone who will also take the time to show up, or at least notify you if something prevents them from showing up at the appointed time, as opposed to the ones who simply say "I want it".

After you have picked out a recipient for your item, let them know they can have the item. Hold off on sending your address until they respond again. If they take the trouble of sending you emails back and forth, they are very unlikely to stand you up at this point, unless they get lost or unexpectedly tied up!

Not all no shows are deliberate. People do get lost, have car troubles, run late from meetings, or have one of many other reasons for not showing up on time. For this reason, it is a good idea to pass on your phone and address, in case of such emergencies. But sometimes after all this trouble the person can still be a no show.

For this reason, save all the replies you received just in case. In that way you save the time of having to repost the message and can go down the list of suitable recipients.

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