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Business As Usual Following Restrictions Being Lifted - May 2020

Dear Freecycle member we hope you are doing well during these difficult times. Hopefully things are on the way back to normal. As the lock down restrictions have started to be lifted we have reviewed the operation of the Manchester group to try and stay in line with government guidelines and help keep everyone safe whilst trying to stick to our aim of allowing items to be gifted to keep them out of landfill.

As of Tuesday 12th May 2020 we will be switching back to normal service and accepting offers and wanted posts like before the lockdown started. We appreciate it has been frustrating during the lockdown and hope that any items you have been unable to offer you have been able to keep hold of and can now post them to the group.

Please note that it is still important to follow social distancing guidelines when collecting any items and anything that can be done to protect yourself further. Things such as disinfecting items & washing hands. Arranging for goods to be collected in a safe way that avoids the need to get too close to others such as leaving items in a porch or on driveway when the person arrives to collect the item.

We than you for sticking with us through these difficult times but let’s try and do our bit to help each other out and save perfectly good items from landfill.

Please stay safe and Happy Freecycling.

Regards Chris W - Lead Moderator – On Behalf Of Manchester Group Moderators

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