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Collecting Items Etiquette & Corona

Hi All,

This is just a general mail to remind all users of the collection of items etiquette that should be followed and to try to avoid "No-Shows" (someone not showing up to collect even after it’s been agreed and confirmed). Also a reminder of precautions to take use to Corona, above all we ask members to follow the latest government guidelines for keeping yourself and others safe.

Please note that it is still important to follow social distancing guidelines when collecting any items and anything that can be done to protect yourself further. Things such as disinfecting items & washing hands. Arranging for goods to be collected in a safe way that avoids the need to get too close to others such as leaving items in a porch or on driveway when the person arrives to collect the item.

The sections below are covered in the FAQ (included below) but sometimes the frustration caused by a "No Show" is more than the collector realises, after all, we have all been at the mercy of a delivery driver who says they will be there between 9am and 5pm! However, at least now, companies are trying their best to cut that down, if they can.

Anyhow, please try to be conscientious when arranging to collect an item. If you cannot make it, change your mind, or simply get lost then please try to contact the member you were collecting from. EVEN if this is after the time has passed. It is better to know you ran into problems rather than be ignored.

This is taken directly from a section in the FAQ and it is a very clear and sensible couple of lines.

1) There are occasional problems with people not showing up to collect items or changing their minds. If you are getting stuff free, it is only fair to be polite and thoughtful about the pickup arrangements - as most of us are. So please make sure you are absolutely going to show up when you say you will.

2) If you are not sure if you can or will show, then let someone else take the offer. Remember, people talk... and if you become known as a "no show", then members will pass you by for someone else. Sure, sometimes last minute emergencies pop up; life happens... but if you can't turn up, it's courtesy to let them know - if you were staying in waiting for someone, you'd want them to let you know if they couldn't come, right?

Please can we remind all members that we are part of a community and at no point should anyone use vulgar or inappropriate language or behaviour during any of the interactions with other members. What we do is important to the community and environment and everyone should be treated with respect.

Thanks for reading and helping the environment. Happy Freecycling!

Kind Regards, Manchester Mod Team

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