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When responding to Offers within our group......

When asking questions about offered items, please courteously ask only general questions about item condition, type and size. The person who offers the item is being very generous to give the item away for free!

When offering give details that you would like to know if the item had been offered to you. One thing we don't see very often is the mention of items coming from Smoker's/Pet Owner's homes. This would be mentioned in case someone may have allergies. If you have a picture of an item you are offering, please post it. This helps members see the condition and size/color of the item.

Most of the offered items are of course used and not new, and will obviously show some signs of wear. However, these offered items are normally still in good, usable condition, or easily fixed, and are indeed a wonderful gift from the person who offers them via Freecycle.

As always the purpose of the group is to help keep still useable items out of the landfills.

Thanks, Moderators Martinsburg Freecycle

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