McLean County

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Instructions for signing up for McFreecycle

1. Go to the My Freecycle site and sign up.

2. After signing up, if the site did NOT send you an email with a temporary password it will probably deny you access (go ahead and try it but don't panic if it does not let you in, go to step 3 instead). If you are able to sign in you are golden and may proceed as normal.

3. If you are not allowed access (it denies your password) don't panic. Instead find the link for "forgot your password" and click on it.

4. Fill in your username and email address. A new password will be sent to your email address Copy that password in the email

5. Go back to the login page and login with your new password.

5. This should bring you to the change your password screen and then change your password.

6. Search for the McLean County, Illinois group and join.

7. If you are still experiencing problems after this procedure please send an email to the moderators at

Please login or sign up to My Freecycle to join this group.