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Child and Baby Items - Please read

Because of documented safety concerns, please read the following information before OFFERing or posting a WANTED for the following items that have been labeled as possibly unsafe and hazardous:

- Cribs with slats more than 2 3/8 inches apart or the holes in the mesh are 1/4 inch or greater in size

- Cribs with corner posts

- Cribs made before January 1994

- Cribs with broken or missing pieces

- Walkers with wheels

- Car seats more than 6 years old

- Car seats with broken or missing pieces

- Car seats that have been in a crash

- Car seats that have no model number or date of manufacture

- Car seats that are on a recall list and the company is no longer in existence

If you are receiving a baby/child item, it is your responsibility to check for recalls and safety before you use it. The following links from the Consumer Product Safety Comission website provide excellent information:

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