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How to Use Freecycle

Welcome to Meadville Freecycle(tm) Group

This message contains answers to MANY common new-user questions, so please take time to read it before jumping in and posting.

FREECYCLE RULES & ETIQUETTE \KEEP IT FREE, LEGAL & APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES. This means, for example, no Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms or Drugs, No copies of software, films or music, legal or otherwise. No advertising your garage or car boot sale, please, as you're asking for money and that isn't free.

NO POLITICS, NO SPAM, NO MONEY, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS/RUDENESS. Two strikes & you're out, i.e. you will be unsubscribed by the moderator after two inappropriate postings.

**No item is too big or too small but ALL must be 100% FREE with NO strings attached.

WANTED Posts are limited to 4 in any one month, please think before you post a wanted do not ask for the latest Xbox or say things like 'must be in perfect condition' if it must be perfect you should think about buying it. Obviously we do not want members passing on 'junk' when the item really is not fit for use. Remember if you are offered an item you can always so 'no it is not what I was looking for'.


RECEIVED: used to let people know your "wanted" has been fulfilled.

TAKEN: Used to let people know the offer has been taken.

If you have both something to OFFER and something WANTED, send those in two different emails.


Each Group has different rules, so you must refer to your local Group, or e-mail the Moderators if it is not clear.

NO ADVERTISING, TRADING OR SWAPPING PLEASE. No advertising of your business or offering to swap services or other items for items you're seeking or offering. Please remove advertising footers from your emails when posting to Freecycle.

SELLING ON: Members found to be selling on items will be removed from the group.

CHOOSING WHOM TO GIVE TO: Generally, wait until you get three or four responses or maybe overnight, and then pick whomever you like! That's half the fun. Consider giving a local non-profit preference if one should respond.

Arrange pickup with one person only, rather than "it's on the doorstep, whoever gets here first gets it." It's not safe and it means some people might drive a long way just to find the item has gone. Also: only give your phone number to one person at a time or ask for the recipient's phone number. Otherwise you could get swamped with unwanted phone calls. Transactions are between Offerer and Recipient and will not be mediated or arbitrated by Freecycle administrators, moderators, or representatives.

DISCLAIMER: FREECYCLE NETWORK MEMBERS USE THE LIST AT THEIR OWN RISK. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the list or participating in an exchange. By joining the list, you agree to hold neither the list owners and moderators nor anyone affiliated with responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from a Freecycle-related exchange or communication.

SAFETY. Be aware! The moderators feel strongly it isn't a good idea to list your phone number or exact address in your post to the group. There are unscrupulous people out there who may "collect" information about you from your posts.

It is up to each individual member of Freecycle, when arranging to exchange an item, to be appropriately aware of the potential risk of having "a stranger" come to your home to pick something up or to go to a stranger's home if you're the recipient. Freecycle assumes no responsibility for this risk. You may want to say that you'll leave the item on the doorstep while you are not home or arrange to have someone with you if there is a large item involved.

DON'T USE FREECYCLE TO ASK FOR PEN PALS, EXERCISE PARTNERS, OR A DATE. There are many internet dating sites better suited to this purpose. No offering your spouse or children either.

HOW TO SUCCEED AT FREECYCLE: Be nice. When you arrange to pick up an item from another Freecycle member, it is basic good manners to accommodate them as much as possible in terms of timing, and then be punctual.

They are, after all, giving you something you need and asking nothing in return except you will show up when you say you will. (Leaving someone waiting is never a nice thing.) Also, unless the giver tells you otherwise, assume that they would like you to come as soon as you can to take away the item; no more than three days after the offer is made is suggested. Say Thank You with an email to the gifter.

That should just about do it. Have fun and Keep on Recycling with Freecycle(tm)!

Thanks for joining Meadville Freecycle(tm) Group!

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