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Honesty in Descriptions

Honesty in Descriptions

We've recently gotten a few complaints from people who've responded to Freecycle offers and been gifted the item, only to find out that the item was not as described. Yes, everything is free, and no, no one is saying that items need to be brand new, but simply be *honest* and as accurate as possible in your description of whatever you're offering, out of courtesy to your fellow group members and out of respect for others' time and gas.

Seriously tho', folks... are those clothes, sheets or blankets best used for dust rags? If that mismatched set contains mostly chipped dishes with a whole one or two, please *say so*. Person A might not want it to grace his dinner table, but person B might want it to complete her mosaic art project. If it's used but usable (and free, legal, and appropriate), it's welcome here. Let's just not waste each others time and make our atmosphere more toxic while we keep items from the landfill; that would be sort of counter-productive.

As always, questions and comments are always welcome. Please e-mail us, not the group, at Meadville Freecycle

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