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Freecycle Admin Reminders - *Please Read*

Happy long weekend Saturday to you all!

Just a few timely reminders for everyone to help our group running smoothly:

1. COMBINE POSTS: Please group items to reduce the number of emails. 2 emails of 5 items each is better than 10 emails of 1 item each.

2. WANTED POSTS: Please keep these requests to a reasonable level.

3. MANNERS: If you'd like an item that is offered please respond POLITELY. Remember you are requesting, not demanding.

"I want it" is NOT polite. "Give me your address and I'll come now" is NOT polite. "When can I pick it up" is NOT polite. "Send me some photos" is NOT polite.

"Hi, please consider me for this item, regards...." (or similar) IS polite

Remember no-one is obliged to respond to your emails - please respect that other people's circumstances may limit their ability to answer every request.

4. TMI: Please... no sob stories. Freecycle is an environmental group aimed at reducing landfill, NOT a charity. Do not give or request unnecessary or personal information (kids/family/finances/income/illnesses/disabilities/circumstances/etc).

5. RESELLERS: Resellers ARE welcome, but please 'declare your hand'. Resellers keep useable items out of landfill, a GOOD thing. Basically if I'm too lazy to sell it and someone else will... then good luck to them.

6. TO CONTACT MODERATORS: (NOT the group posts address)

Thanks everybody!

Cheers Stef

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