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Mendocino County

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Long Winded Explanations

Dear Freecycle(TM) Members:

We understand there is a lot of hardship in our area. There are many people with needs. With that being said, we must remind our members of the mission of The Freecycle Network(TM). We were founded as a recycling community. The fundamental mission of this group is to keep useful items out of landfills. This, alone, is a critical mission with long-reaching global effects that will positively effect generations to come.

There are many charities that deal with specifics of helping families and individuals with temporary needs during times of hardship. Even though the side effect of giving items away with no strings attached is that we fulfill needs at times, this is not the reason our group was formed.

As a moderator I am assigned to keep this group focused on the mission for which it was formed. I need to remind members that if you chose to be here, you also chose to follow the guidelines of the group. We make it clear in all the files and on the opening page of the group what our mission is. We do not allow posts with long explanations of hardship and need. This is not my rule, but what I, as a moderator, have been asked to do to keep the group on task. The groups that have allowed such posts end up with many requests posted trying to "one-up" the hardship stories in order to be chosen to receive items. It sometimes results in a complete moderation of the entire group and an intervention to get the group back on track. I have made every effort to keep our group from having such actions taken. In order to ask for an item on Freecycle, you do not need to explain your reasoning for wanting it. You simply ask. Of course, by the same token, we do not guarantee that all who ask will receive the requested items.

If you are unsure of the rules of Freecycle, please go to our homepage and read the text on that page. If that is not sufficiently clear, the rules are reiterated and detailed in our files section. If you are still unsure, please drop me an email and I will point you in the right direction.

Do understand that as a member of this group, when you keep items out of landfills and/or recycle, your efforts are charitable to both the earth AND to future generations. This alone is reason to feel proud of any and all of your efforts.

I thank all who participate in our Freecycle movement. Know that you are making a difference in so many ways!

Your Mendocino County Freecycle Moderators

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