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Mendocino County

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Freecycle Clarification

Hello Mendocino County Freecycle Members!

We are writing this message to you in hopes of clearing up a situation that we have recently become aware of.

Some members are posting offers and then deleteing them and then reposting and deleteing again. Over and over. Though the membership as a whole does not see messages once they are deleted, the moderators do.

First of all, repeated postings of the same thing (wanted OR offered) is against the guidelines of this list. There is a limit to how frequently a post for an item can be made. This was sent out to all members upon joining this group. I will send the list guidelines again after this message.

Secondly, this is not Craigslist. Posting and removing and re-posting to move it back up to the top of the listing is considered re-posting too frequently.

This serves as a warning to those that make a habit of doing this, that your posts will be moderated and if the behavior continues once the member is on moderated status, their membership in this list will be terminated.

Please dont use this list to try to "get around" the guidelines. This list operates pretty well and serves a vital function in our community. We are a team of volunteer moderators who make this list happen. We really dont like to have to keep posting Admin messages because people are trying to buck the system. If you cant stick to the guidelines, please take it somewhere else.

Most everyone on here understands and adheres to the guidelines. Dont let the few who choose to abuse it destroy it for the rest of the community. Please let us know if you feel someone is abusing the list.


Mendocino County Freecycle Moderators

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