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Mendocino County

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How This List Works

Hello Freecycle Members,

Please allow us to take a minute of your time to explain how this list works.

This list is ran by two VOLUNTEER moderators. Mary and Deanna. We work full time plus jobs, we have families, we have obligations outside of this list. We do not and will not spend our time sitting at the computer waiting for Freecycle posts to come through that we need to moderate. Simply put, we do Freecycle because we believe in the good it does but we do not get paid to do this.

Everyone who joins this list is on moderation until we are sure that they are not a spammer and that they understand the list. They post a few posts, we make sure they get the jist of the list (what can be requested, etc) before we take them off moderation. Until then, we have to approve posts. Sometimes that can take time.. because we are not always around a computer waiting for posts.

We also have to approve new members as they ask to join the list to make sure they again arent spammers or people who join lists to harvest email addresses. This also happens when we get the time in our busy days to log into the computer.

All of this is to protect the integrity of this list and to keep your inboxes free of unsolicited emails and potential viruses.

Please understand, we have lives outside of Freecycle. We cant be here 24/7 to take care of this list. So the next time you post and it takes a bit for your email to go through, realize it isnt personal, it is when we have time to do our volunteer job of making this list run.


Mendocino County Freecycle Moderators

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