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Mountain View

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Borrowing, Personal Information, and Pickup Locations

Dear Mountain View Freecycle Friends,

We wanted to bring up a couple of usage issues that are appearing increasingly often on our group:

1. It is Freecycle policy not to allow "borrowing". So, we Moderators are obligated to either edit or delete posts that mention borrowing in them. I understand that this might seem a strange thing to ban; however, the originators of Freecycle believe that the "strings attached" with borrowing are not what they want to encourage on Freecycle, so when you post a "WANTED" message, please leave the possibitily of "borrowing" out of it. If you want to get a detailed explanation of their rationale, please refer to the Freecycle FAQ on the group website.

2. Freecycle Moderators are told to strongly discourage (but not necessarily ban) posters from divulging personal information, such as home addresses and phone numbers, in posts to the entire group. This is for the poster's protection. It is much better for your personal information to be given to just those few people who respond to your posts, rather than to the 3500 people on this list. So, please make life easy on your Moderators and refrain from putting peersonal information in your posts.

3. I have received a couple of complaints from members about people who offer items with a pickup location and say "first come, first serve". Here is the problem with that process --people don't know if the item they want is still available, and therefore may drive to the location to find that the item they want is not there. It is very frustrating for people who take valuable time out of their day to pick up an item, and then find it is already gone. So, if you are offer items to the list, please don't use this method. Select a particular respondent to pick up the item.

4. If you have several items to post, please do them in one or just a couple of posts rather than one post for each of many items, especially if some of the items are related. Are members are quite capable of sorting through a post that lists a couple of items, and responding to the poster about which item then are interested in. The reason for this is to keep down the amount of traffic on a given day. We often see 5-10 posts for a single individual in a row, and usually this is not necessary.

Thanks so much for reading this note. Thank you also for participating in Freecycle, one of the best ways to keep items out of our refuse disposal areas. We hope that your experience with this list is always an excellent one and contact your Group Moderator if you need help or advice.

Have a good day...Your Mountain View Moderators

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