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New Plymouth

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This notice is from Freecycle to be passed on to our members.

Please, when making a post, do consider the following to remain safe and healthy: - Only post essential items / basic necessities; - Avoid all contact with the recipient: place item on your porch for others; - Do not participate in the gifting process if you are experiencing any symptoms; - Before picking up or gifting: wash hands, wipe the items down with a disinfecting wipe; - After picking up, disinfect items and wash hands; - Also, please disinfect regularly-used surfaces like gates or the table where item is left;

Essential items may include: canned goods, masks, protective gloves, disinfecting gel, etc. You get the idea, but again, follow official guidelines and orders in effect at your location.

Freecycle is about helping each other and helping the planet. Help us to apply this mission in a careful and safe way, by only posting necessities --where permitted-- which may help a fellow member avoid shops, cashiers, ATMS as well as direct social contact with others. With your help, we can continue to care for our communities in a new and safe way. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

More information can be found at the links below:

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