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Cross-posting is sending your Offer or Wanted request to more than one group at a time. This means sending the same message to multiple groups, even if each message is sent separately. It has become a major problem on many Freecycle™ groups. Cross-posting is particularly common in big cities where there are large Freecycle groups very close to each other. WHEN YOU POST AN OFFER OR A WANTED, POST IT *ONLY* TO YOUR HOME GROUP (the one you reside in or are closest to). If you haven't received a response after 24 hours, then post it to the next nearest group and so on and so on. Some of your neighboring groups would consider it courtesy to wait at least 24 hours between each posting. Cross-posting is a problem for several reasons, most of which are contrary to the spirit of The Freecycle Network™: * It drastically increases the number of messages in each group * It is not fair to the members of your home community to get beaten to a good item by someone far away * It wastes gas and increases pollution because people drive long distances to pick up items * It forces too many people to compete for the same item * It causes the person cross-posting to deal with excess responses * It is the cause of many no-shows when people realize how far they'll have to drive One of the great things about using Freecycle is the building of a local community through recycling things to our neighbors. Please give your neighbors the opportunity to benefit from your generosity!

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