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Poole Freecycle - some reminders

Hi, I’m a moderator for the Poole Freecycle group and I’m emailing all members of the group with a few reminders.

I have been contacted by members with strong concerns about email “etiquette”. If you’re replying to a post (whether an ‘Offer’ or a ‘Wanted’) please let the poster know if you’re no longer in a position to take it, can’t make an agreed collection arrangement, have accepted the item from another member and no longer need it etc. Equally if you’ve posted something and it’s been taken please mark it as such and let anyone who has contacted you know that it’s gone. Please don’t leave folk who have contacted you up in the air about your intentions, this is both discourteous and risks putting people off further engagement with the group.

Secondly, there have again been some instances of telephone numbers (mobile and landline) being picked up out of posts and used for cold calling, marketing texts and so on. Freecycle strongly advises that you never put any telephone number into a post and that you only give your number to a potential taker of your offer through the Freecycle email connection.

Finally could I remind everyone of the basic ‘rules’ of our group - you should have received these when you first joined, but may well have skipped reading them or have forgotten them. They are important because they are what makes Freecycle Poole work for everyone - they can be found at (you may need to log in to view this)

Any queries, concerns or comments - do contact me.

Very best wishes

Ian Clark

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