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Coronavirus Update Please Read

Coronavirus Update:

Freecycle is a global community, and right now our community is under threat from a global pandemic. While we remain committed to reducing waste and keeping items out of the landfill, our main concern is the health and well-being of our members.

We've asked local moderators to refocus local groups on crisis info and updates: local testing sites, shopping restrictions, critical info, and to only allow items --where permitted-- which are essential/basic necessities.

Click on “Contact moderator” at the top of your local group page to pass on info for wider dissemination to other local members. Or, put the info in an OFFER post to the group.

Additionally, individual posts will be locally moderated to assure that they comply with all governmental requirements. We ask all members to practice extreme care when participating in Freecycle.

Post only essentials, avoid contact by leaving items out, and disinfect items when leaving or picking up. The posting of critical necessities --where permitted-- may enable the homebound to avoid stores, cashiers, ATMs and direct social contact during this time of great need.

If you need to you can contact us here:

More information:

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