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PROVIDENCE , RI Freecycle Guidelines



Welcome to the Providence, RI Freecycle Group! PLEASE READ & SAVE THESE RULES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! By joining and participating on Providence, RI Freecycle you agree that you have read, understand & will follow these RULES. Members receive this message upon joining and as a reminder periodically.

1. KEEP IT FREE, LEGAL & APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES: No Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons, Drugs or Medications (Drugs or medications include prescription, over the counter items, & supplements either for human or pet use.), Profanity or Sexual content, nor related items, legal or not. A) Computer software must be removed from the donor computer and be the original manufacturer disks or CDs that is given outright-not loaned, copied or downloaded. B) All copyrighted material, which includes movies and music, must be the original media i.e. VCR tapes,DVDs,CDs or cassette tapes.

2. ALL ITEMS MUST BE FREE! A) No OFFERs or WANTEDs in exchange for money, trade, barter or posts for items that will result in additional merchandise sales. (Merchandise sales include references for services or where to purchase an item.) B) Only Information posts that reference Recycling will be permitted on Freecycle Providence Wanteds for information involving organizations/businesses/or stores that may have an item are not permitted. If you would like to send a community event/resource announcement to the group please contact the moderators at who can send it to the group. C) OFFER and WANTED posts for coupons will be permitted; this will include labels for schools. No promotional posts will be permitted. This includes Store stickers, soda caps, codes for online game sites, Fast food game pieces etc.

ALSO, NO advertising of businesses or any website links. Signature tags are also not permitted.


OFFER: 1 Brown Sofa, Broadway/Columbus (MUST include LOCATION!) TAKEN: 1 Brown Sofa (DO NOT use PPU or any variation thereof) WANTED: 1 Brown Sofa RECEIVED: 1 Brown Sofa

Please remember when posting: Location MUST be in the subject line of an OFFER post. DO NOT use "RE" or "FW" of any kind in the Subject of postings please. (RE:OFFER, REPOST is not an allowed and posts with this heading will be deleted.) In the body, just a description of the item is all that is needed. No personal information (single mom, disabled, etc) or reason for the WANT is to be included. The reason for WANTED posts are to remind members of something they may have out in their sheds, garages or closets and is unwanted by them. Freecycle â„¢ is not nor was it ever intended to be a charity or wish organization. Incorrect format can lead to post being deleted.

4. YARD FREEBIE ONLY: No yard sales where money will change hands may be posted. All items must be free. Member must give time frame(date and times) and be present during giveaway.

5. RESELLERS MUST IDENTIFY THEMSELVES. NEVER post WANTED messages for items to resell.


A) Pets: NO!!, you can not post an OFFER or a WANTED message for animals. Providence Freecycle does not allow animal posts. NO WANTEDs or OFFERs of animal breeding services are allowed. Visit to look up pet-related resource groups in rhode island.

B) People: NO, you may not offer yourself or your shy friends for dates or marriage. There are plenty of Internet dating sites already set up for this. :-) This includes asking for partners for sporting or any other activity.

7. ALL COMMENTS, DISCUSSIONS OR CRITICISMS REGARDING POSTS: Please direct these to the moderators ONLY at:

All posts to the List of this nature will be deleted. Repeated violations of this policy will result in the offending member being placed on moderation or worse.. For questions about the workings of the List please visit our Files section. Still have questions? Contact the moderators at:

8. NO POLITICS, SPAM, MONEY, PERSONAL ATTACKS, OR RUDENESS: Moderation occurs when members jeopardize the spirit of the list. Messages may be reviewed and a moderator may revoke membership for infractions of list guidelines and rules. We have a great little community, thanks to all of you.

9. WILDCAT OFFER: All posts with an address (wildcat) will be deleted. Additionally wildcat offers include items in or around dumpsters, items not on your property or items set out for the city's Brush & Bulky Collection. Get the owner's permission or leave it be. .

10. OFFER MESSAGE LIMIT: You may post as many OFFERS as you choose with the exception of an OFFER of the same item/s. You must wait 4 days before posting an OFFER for the same item. When doing this do not use RE-OFFER or RE-POST, your post will be deleted.

11. WANTED MESSAGE LIMITS: Members may post 3 WANTEDS every 7 days with Specific Items in that posting. (Please note: Blanket WANTEDS i.e. everything for a kitchen, bedroom furniture, furnish my new apartment, baby stuff, craft supplies, party supplies etc. are also not Permitted) The moderators will delete messages exceeding these limits. 12. RESPONSES TO POSTED OFFERS AND WANTS: Any responses or questions should be sent only to the person who posted the OFFER or WANTED. From email, simply reply as you would any other email. Cut and paste the poster's email address into an e-mail (using your preferred e-mail program) along with a subject line that will allow them to know that you are replying to their WANTED or OFFER post.

If you are replying to a Post from the board, simply type in a reply and click "Send Message". DO NOT reply to , as this will post your reply to the list and to the mailboxes of the members.

13. SELECTING A RECIPIENT FOR ITEMS: Please make arrangements as you like, feel free to give items to whomever you wish. Once you are set to give or receive items, make mutually convenient arrangements for pickup or delivery. It is suggested that you exchange phone numbers with one potential recipient at a time and please keep a list of those who want your item in case of someone not showing up to pick up item.

14. NO CROSS POSTING: WHEN YOU POST AN OFFER OR A WANTED, POST IT *ONLY* TO YOUR HOME GROUP (the one you reside in or are closest to). If you haven't received a response after 24 hours, then post it to the next nearest group and so on and so on. Some of your neighboring groups would consider it courtesy to wait at least 24 hours between each posting

SAFETY: Be aware! When arranging to give or receive items each Freecycle member should be aware of the potential risk of meeting a stranger or giving out personal contact information in this forum. Freecycle assumes no responsibility for this risk. It may be appropriate to leave an item outside for pickup, meet other members in a public location, tell a friend or family member when, where and who you are meeting or bring them with you. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety & privacy when posting to the list.

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