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Queens County NY

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HOW TO USE MY FREECYCLE(TM)- >>>HOW TO POST AN OFFER OR A WANTED: When you log into, you will see three tabs in the center of the page. From the "My Post" tab, click on "Make a new post" and use the dropdown menu to choose either OFFER or WANTED. Then fill in the lines in the message maker. Click on "Make this Post" and your message will be posted. You can also post your message via an e-mail. You must use the word OFFER or WANTED in the subject line, and then send to:

>>>HOW TO READ AND REPLY TO OFFER AND WANTED POSTS: Log into My Freecycle and click on My Groups at the top of the page on the right. This will show all current posts. If you are interested in an item listed, click on the item link. A new page will open and you type your response in the blank message box. Remember to click on "Send Message."

>>>HOW TO LET PEOPLE KNOW YOUR ITEM HAS BEEN TAKEN, OR YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE ITEM YOU WANTED: Log into and click on the "My Posts" tab. Click on either "Mark as TAKEN" or "Mark as RECEIVED" to send a message to the group that you are no longer looking for the item. By clicking on either of these, your original message will "automatically" be removed. If you have posted an item by mistake, you can delete it by clicking on "Remove post from My Freecycle." Please do not remove the post until the item has actually been picked up to avoid having to re-post.

>>>HOW TO ORGANIZE THE E-MAILS YOU'RE GETTING: You can set your personal email delivery preferences by signing in to and then click on the “My Freecycle" then "My Groups” tab. Then, Click the drop down menu to see the available email delivery options. Please note, if you choose to receive no emails, you will still receive special notices from the moderators. After choosing your option, please click: “Change delivery option”.

>>>HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, E-MAIL ADDRESS or DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: Log into and click on the "My Info" tab. Click on the appropriate button and make the changes. Remember to click on the prompt to save your changes.

>>>HOW TO POST PHOTOS ON MY FREECYCLE: Log into My Freecycle. At the top right side of the page, hover on "My Freecycle" and select "My Posts."When the page opens, click on the green "My Posts" tab. Click on the "Make a New Post" button. The message maker will open. Choose the dropdown for posting an OFFER. The page will reset. Look for the "if you have a picture of the item, you can upload it" line just above the green button. Use the "Browse" button to choose the photo from your computer that you want to upload.

>>>>How TO REACH THE MODERATOR: If you have a question, problem or complaint you can contact the group Moderator/s by sending an e-mail to:


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