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All FCQuincy Members Must Read This

SPECIAL NOTICE ~ Seasons Greetings!

Please bear with me as I write: I am not Scrooge incarnate; I do have compassion and I do understand need. That said, some members are asking for Christmas presents. Others are writing that they "desperately need" items requested. You may have seen some of these posts appear on the list. They have been deleted. You have not seen the large number of them that arrive for approval from still-moderated members. They have been denied with explanations provided to the poster (despite the fact that the reasons are identified in the posted guidelines that each member has agreed to follow!)

As we have said before, Freecycle is a R-E-C-Y-C-L-I-N-G group, NOT a charitable organization. It is wonderful that an unexpected benefit of recycling here is that some people in need do reap the benefits of our recycling, but that is not the purpose. The only thing we do here is recycle useful items as a way to avoid filling our beautiful Earth with more junk piles, and build a community as we do it. It is okay to ask for items that will end up being given to people as gifts. But all you need to do is ask for the item; you do not have to justify or explain in any detail your request.

One good thing about Freecycle Quincyt is the equality among members. Whether wealthy, indigent, or somewhere in between, a member always can protect his or her privacy because no one here ever has to reveal why an item is being requested. The only information you need to include are things like color or size so other members are clear about what you want. No one has to justify posting a WANTED.

DO NOT ask for Christmas presents or post WANTEDs mentioning people in need. The Salvation Army and other similar groups do not provide recycling services and we do not provide the services of a charitable organization. All you need to do is ask (following the guidelines) for what you want. NO sob story. NO Christmas or Hannukah wish list. The truth is that, as a recycling-only group, we need to immediately delete or reject any post sent to us that includes information that tugs at the heart strings

While I am writing, here is a gentle reminder: please keep your expectations realistic and understand that items given on this list are rarely new and frequently require some degree of repair or cleaning on the recipient's part. As always, any posts must have the required elements in the subject line: the header (WANTED, OFFER, TAKEN, RECEIVED, THANKS), the item, and your location. The body of the Email should be reserved only for details necessary to explain what the item is and information needed to arrange pickup.

For the good of the entire group and the sanity and well being of your moderator, any and all messages that are sob stories or wish lists will be deleted without notification to the poster (We have nearly 2,700 members and responding to even a small portion of folks not following the guidelines takes way too much time and effort! I know that this is blunt, but it is a fact.)

For those of you who actually read the (relatively rare) ADMINs and follow the guidelines, I am so appreciative. You are the reason that this group is great and continues to flourish. Thank you!

So, go ahead and ask and offer (Not sure? Check the guidelines! Link: and thanks to you all for your participation and support.

Best regards, Lois Owner/Moderator, FreecycleQuincyMA GROUP ADDRESS:

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