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ADMIN: Special Notice RE: No Shows

****This is a Special Notice sent to all members ***

Some members, having made an arrangement to collect an item, will then not show up at the arranged time. Admittedly and unfortunately, there are any number of acceptable reasons why this could happen: Auntie Mildred has broken her leg; your toddler has managed to scamper up the drain pipe to the rooftop and you are awaiting the fire dept. with those nice tall ladders; the car keys have been misplaced; or the dog has gone rabid! An email, or a telephone call, explaining that you got held up and could you please make an alternative arrangement is COMMON COURTESY. Here are some tips for diminishing the no-show problem.

1. Respect your fellow Freecycle Quincy members and do not ask for an item if you cannot get there at the appointed time.

2. Follow the Freecycle Fair Offer Policy. This means that you may wait at least 24 hours before choosing someone to receive your item. This allows people who do more than surf the web all day, or jump at every offer posted, to have a fair chance at receiving your recycled items. We do NOT have any sort of first come, first served policy.

3. Remember that always picking the first person to respond to your offer is one sure way to get lots of no shows.

4. Be sure to CONFIRM that the person is coming at the time you think you have arranged. Too many people send me the correspondence between themselves and the purported no-shower, only to have me realize that the pickup time and day were never confirmed.

5. *****Report No-Shows To the Moderator***** The only way the moderator can help is to be sent the entire correspondence about giving and picking up the item in question and to review it. Remember that it helps the list when you report no-show. The moderator realizes that everyone is human and looks at a member's no-show trends rather than taking action because of one no-show incident.

One of the most annoying issues we have on Freecycle groups is no-shows. There are ways to reduce that annoyance in your recycling life.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas on this topic or have some questions.

Write to the moderator's address:

Thanks for all of your recycling efforts. Surely, we are doing our little bit to make the world a better place. Oh! And, happy New Year to you.

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