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Choosing a recipient for your offered item

You have a nice thing that you're willing to give away. As soon as you post it, you get responses like, "I'll take it, give me your address." It seems like it’s always the same people who respond. It makes you think they're just looking for items to sell, which is against the rules. Unfortunately some of these frequent responders are also the worst no-shows, and it can be very discouraging. Here are a few suggestions that should help keep the Freecycle experience rewarding for everyone.

1. Wait several hours or even overnight before selecting your recipient, and then choose the response you like best. Someone who writes a thoughtfully worded response to your post is much less likely to be a no-show or violate the resale rules.

2. Before you pick a recipient for your item, search past post digests (if you keep them filed away on your computer) and choose someone who has been generous in the past with Offer posts. If you haven't kept your post emails, your friendly local mod has three years of digest emails squirreled away and would be happy to search them for you. Please send member IDs (rather than email addresses) to

Once you do select your recipient, here are a couple of hints to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. Don't give your street address in the first email. Set a deadline for the recipient to respond, after which time you are free to offer the item to someone else. And keep an eye on your spam folder!

Finally, after you mark the item taken and remove the post, please take a moment to notify those who took the time to write a polite email but weren’t selected to receive the item. At least they’ll know that their email reached you and didn’t get stuck in a server somewhere.

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