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Email Addresses and Phone numbers

For your own safety please do not include your phone number or your email address in your post. This is not necessary as members are able to get in touch with you using the "Reply to this post" link underneath your post.

No drugs of any kind are to be posted on this site. This includes Prescription drugs and contact lenses.

Food may be offered but please give use by/sell by date. If it is out of date you may still offer it to be used perhaps for something else other than human consumption.

Alcohol and Tobacco products are Not permitted, or items intended for the excessive use of alcohol, no drugs of any kind, or drug devices.

Copy DVD’s and other copy media are not permitted. These items are copyrighted and this is illegal.

Frogspawn Posts will not be accepted - Whilst it can be great fun to collect frog spawn in the spring, we wouldn't recommend it, as moving them from one place to another can spread diseases such as chytrids. Amphibians will generally find their way over time to suitable ponds, so the most important thing is to create pond habitats that they will be attracted to.

Members may post the free remainders from their garage sale if they don't include the time of the sale. The Sale itself cannot be advertised. So when your sale is finished you can make a post with the title – Left overs from Garage Sale, in the body of the post, if there are lots of items simply say - there are some items left over please respond to this post for more details and to arrange collection.

Unlocked hardware; such as games consoles and tv receivers are not allowed Unlocking software Software to help “unlock” any electrical items is not allowed.

Weapons & knives Safety concerns as well as national laws mean that no weapons or knives can be offered. This includes chef and kitchen knives as well as historical ornamental items e.g. samurai swords or WW1 bayonets or sport items such as Bows and arrows.

This is a family site so we don’t allow pornography or items of a sexual nature.

We don’t accept posts offering or asking for coupons or vouchers, checks, game codes/pieces, box tops, proofs of purchase, tickets, passes, UPC codes, or coupon codes.

All items must be FREE and Legal

No Borrowing or Hiring Borrowing or hiring comes with strings attached as you are required to return the item once you have used it. Freecycle works by offering items to others and asking nothing in return. You are welcome to place a Wanted ad for an item you would like, just don’t offer to borrow and return it once you are done is a gifting site, whose goal is to re-purpose items that are no longer being used, to someone who will use them. Our mission is to keep these items from ending up in our landfills.

Wanted Posts

Wanted posts are limited to THREE items in a 30 day period, with no repeat of the same wanted post for 30 days. As we want all our members to be treated equally and have the same chance of getting the item that they are asking for we politely request that you do not include a back story. While we appreciate your wanting to share the circumstances behind your request for the item, please understand that no member should ever be made to feel that they have to be in need of an item in order to request it. We are not here to determine need, only to keep things out of the landfills and find them new homes, for whatever reason. Please feel free to request an item, regardless of the circumstances and know that you have no need to explain the reasons behind it. We ask that you avoid using words like “urgent” or “desperate” which will be edited out by our moderators.

Please remember to manage your post and change to Taken/Received. To do this click on the green My Posts link near the top of the home page, then click the green Manage button then either Cancel and Remove or Mark as Taken and Remove or in the case of Wanted posts click on Received. By doing this you will stop other members from emailing you when the item has been taken or is no longer required.

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