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GARAGE SALES New & Exciting Changes in Your Freecycle Group!

Hello members,

Some exciting new changes have come to YOUR Freecycle group.

We ask that you take the time to read the ADMIN messages that are periodically sent out.

In the past many of you have expressed a desire to post the leftovers from a GARAGE SALE. We heard you and are delighted to share with you the change in the guidelines pertaining to this.

Members MAY post the FREE remainders from their garage sale.

You must NOT include the address of the sale. Any member who is interested will be able to click on the See Details tab which will open a new window where they can click on Reply To This Post. By doing this they can then email the member making the post and ask for further details. The Sale itself cannot be advertised nor address included on the post. REMINDER: this is only AFTER the sale is over when you are offering FREE items.

As always you can OFFER a group of items or individual items.


OFFER : Garage Sale Leftovers-Pearl River

Body of Post: Some items left over from a garage sale, too many to list here, for more details and to arrange collection please respond to this post. Pick up available today till 8:00 PM.

Please keep in mind you may want add a end time as to when you want members to come. You might not want someone on your driveway at 11:00 at night.

You can work out the details in your reply.

This is YOUR Freecycle group and we would love to hear from you with any suggestions or comments.

We are a part of the Freecycle Network so there are guidelines we must follow.

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