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Garage Sales and No Shows

Dear Members,

Our list is growing and we have had several complaints about NO SHOWS here in the last few weeks.

Simply stated, if you say you will pick up an item, please follow through with the transaction. That goes for both OFFERS and WANTED. If you cannot pick up the item or you change your mind about wanting an item, please be considerate to the gifter and at least send them a courtesy email (or phone call) to let them know of the canceled transaction. Waiting for something that won't happen isn't very fun. Put yourself in their shoes if you are considering becoming a no show.


GARAGE SALES MAY ONLY be posted after it has ended and EVERYTHING is FREE. OFFER: Leftover from a garage sale 10 Main Street New City. Once the bulk of it is gone please post taken to avoid people coming by when there is nothing left. Thank You!

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