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San Jose

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No "come and get it/spotted" posts please

Ladies and gentlemen, please DO NOT post any additional "come and get it" or "spotted" items to San Jose Freecycle(TM). We understand that you hate to see an item on the curb that may end up in the trash. Consider taking a Freecycle flyer to the owner of the item and letting them list it. We also understand that if it's yours, you want the items gone ASAP - we really do. If you are that desperate to have them gone, please gift to your closest local charity. But if you can spare the few extra minutes that you are expecting others to spare by driving over, please list your items and gift them to ONE person at a time so that the person driving to your house knows that they are not making a trip for nothing.

While we are on the topic, a few additional reminders:

* Don't post your home address or phone number to the list. Many reasons apply and they are all listed in the etiquette file. Exchange only with the person you are gifting to.

* If you are gifted an item, PLEASE be ready to come and pick it up within a few hours! Understand that most people DO want the items gone ASAP, so they don't want to hold them until next week. Of course, some negotiation is okay here - if you can't get there for a day or two, let the offerer know so that they can either choose to hold it or to give it to someone who can pick up sooner. Just be considerate - you were given the item . . . go get it!

* If you promise something to someone, expect that they are coming to get it and don't give it to someone else (without notifying the person and knowing that they received the notification!) We've had a few cases of someone being notified that they can have something, then getting there to find out that it was picked up a few minutes ago by someone who could get there sooner or given to someone who had come for something else. Not okay!

I guess the bottom line is to be considerate and use common sense, and with the "come and get it - it's on the porch" or "spotted" issue, the bottom line is to just don't do it! We'll have to moderate and warn those people who do.

Thank you so much for making San Jose Freecycle the wonderful and caring community that it has become - each of your generosity touches the life of another in some small way - and it's contagious. You're all just awesome!

Your San Jose Freecycle Moderators

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